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About Us

We are a worldwide real estate portal for listing, selling, renting, promoting and we do property developments, ranging from; students homes, studio’s and apartments and all kind of residential and commercial property. Brickerz International Real Estates standard is the benchmark of our excellence by which we judge ourselves. We build genuine partnerships with agents, brokers, realtors, estators and all rela estate porfgessionals and ofcource our customers and use our intellect to help our clients reach their goals. Our role is to connect buyers, sellers and rentors across the world and we offer our clients a number of different listing services, assets that they can purchase, retain and profit from.

Brickerz Network

Brickerz is a worldwide real estate network of real estate professionals that we bring in contact with all our costumers on our Brickerz portal. We work together with all home owners, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, realtors and our own Brickerz Estators© to show all real estate worldwide. We offer them and you a very modern real estate portal, of the future, that automatically will show all your listed real estate on Brickerz and promote it on all the Social Media Channels. Now you only go to to list and to search in worldwide real estate!

Dutch people can also list their real estate in the Netherlands also on Funda or Funda in Business, together with our NVM Estator partner. But if you want this done, we need a sales agreement form you, that he is your exclusive real estate broker the listingcost are 2% excluded the pictures, video and floorplanner.

The best promotion on our Worldwide Brickerz Portal?

  • We allow homeowners to advertise their property;
  • List your real estate worldwide for free during the first year;
  • Upgrade to front page listings for only 160,- euro excluded tax a year;
  • Create the best property listings with ten photos an floor-plans etc;
  • See how many viewers your real estate has every day;
  • Let your costumer make a direct appointment with you or your office;
  • Get great marketing and design tips, through our own Brickerz blogs;
  • Brickerz for the best social media sharing on all social media channels;
  • Expose your all your property worldwide to thousands costumers;
  • 24/7 Accessibility and Online Brickerz Support.
  • Funda and Funda in Business for 2% extra costs excluded starting fee.

At this moment we are trying to comply to all the Dutch AFM & WFT government rules, so we can bring you soon Brickerz Fund where everybody then can join our Brickerz Fund with a FLN cryptocurrency for investing. If we can comply to all the governements rules we will start with the Brickerz Fund. Please follow us also on facebook and twitter, we will keep you updated for more information!

Want to invest in real estate?

At this moment Brickerz is building a big social community for a Brickerz Fund. At this moment our team and lawyers are busy with a research at all the Dutch government laws, like the regulation at the AFM & WFT, if we can comply to all the govenment rules, Brickerz Fund will buy together with you real estate in our “Joined Forces Community” you can join with a crypto currency and the profit will beschared also in Crypto currency, wich you can always exchange into fiat!

If we can comply to all the Dutch laws we need also to indentify you, because of the regulation rules of KYC “Know your customer” and AML “Anti Money Laundering” rules. If we can comply to all the Dutch rules, we will amaze you with the best investments opportunity you can get. Follow us on Social Media.

Meet our team

Antonius Aarts

Antonius Aarts ESTATOR & CEO , Netherlands

Antonius is the founding father of the Brickerz Estator Group and the BCKZ cryptocurrency, he will lead the core team at Brickerz. He is the number 55 best real estate networker in the Netherlands, and he like's to help everyone to promote, flirt, sell, buy and invest in Real Estate his team and him will gladly help you with all your real estate matters and questions etc.

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Sukanda Buppha

Sukanda Buppha CONSUMER RELATIONS , Netherlands

Sukanda is our Consumer Relations Officer at the Brickerz Estator Group.

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Pim Piepers

Pim Piepers CCD & VIDEO BLOGGER , Netherlands

Pim is a self employed Creative Content Director and Video Blogger for the whole Ecrypty Group which present; Brickerz, BCKZ, etc.

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Patrick Deckers

Patrick Deckers ESTATOR & VALUATOR , Netherlands

Patrick is our Estator, he is NVM certified and NWWI validator. He will together with Brickerz take care of the best presentation on the Brickerz portal and on Funda and Funda in Business. If you want our team to list your real estate on all portals we will need a sales or rental contract form you. Our commission will be 3% fee ( 1% starting fee included pictures, video, floorplanners, broshures, social media add ect.) and 2% fee when the real estate is definitly sold. Call us for more info, if you want to sell, rent, or buy or need a valuation! Phonenumber: +31(0)880047900

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